Joys and Pains

Two pig tails with bright blue eyes look up at me with a smile. “Thank you” she said in sign language completely and utterly proud that she remembered the sign. I looked back at her and felt even more proud that my two-year old student new words in sign language that I taught her. One of the many joys I have encountered in my young life is working with children. Sometimes I will be food shopping and a child I don’t know will put out their arms out to me. Those little encounters make me smile but of course it is the children I have gotten to know well that really warm my heart.

I came in contact with a boy who was adopted by his grandmother. He would block his own ears and scream at the top of his lungs when he was upset. He had a great imagination and was in his element the day we took a journey to outer space. There he felt safe, he didn’t scream or get distressed. He was happy for a moment in his own world where he could make up his own reality. I touch upon these stories because some of the most special moments that I can remember so vividly are when I got to see the pure happiness on a child’s face.

Working with children has been a big part of my life. Recently type 1 diabetes has also become a huge part of my everyday life. Throughout the past year I had no choice but to become greatly familiar with terms such as A1C and blood sugar to say the least. I feel grateful everyday that I am alive and well and that’s what keeps me strong. Having taken the initiative to learn so much about type one, I feel confident in helping others who may have been affected by this disease. I try to turn every negative into a positive and that is how I plan to live my life. I start off my blog with these words because I am passionate about love and life and sharing it with others who may just need a smile added to their day.