My Type 1 Story

One night as I was relaxing in my monkey pajamas I was having a hard time reading an article on my phone. I was seeing double but hadn’t quite figured that out yet. I ignored one of my symptoms of type 1 diabetes that continued to progress. The whole year prior I had stomach issues in which no doctor could pinpoint. My body wasn’t getting enough glucose and it was affecting my body in so many ways. At this point I was scared, why couldn’t I see straight? I ended up in the er one night merely because I was aggravated and wanted an answer that my doctors weren’t giving me. The nurse came in at one point and said “Has anyone ever told you that you might be diabetic?” That was the beginning of a million questions, books and articles that consumed the next months of my life. I started off on a pill and eventually needed insulin.

It is impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t live with it. My hope is that people who have a working pancreas choose to cherish it. ¬†All of us type 1’s never thought we would miss our pancreas but we do. Someone without type 1 can go out for a couple of drinks, eat a donut, exercise or live alone without a second thought. My whole world has changed but has also brought me to a community of wonderful people who help each other when times get tough. At the end of the day, I am grateful to be alive, to share my stories and smile with the world.