I choose to be confident even though I’m different. Everyone is unique anyway, and I happen to have type 1 diabetes. It makes life harder in a lot of ways most people don’t ever have to think about. I can dwell on it or I can embrace it. I choose to bring awareness to it instead of being afraid of it.

I wear a cgm, a continuous glucose monitor. This device tells my phone through bluetooth if my blood sugar is too high or too low. I have to pay for my supplies and change the sensor frequently. This will be my first summer with the device. At first I kept thinking about where I was going to wear it so that it would stay hidden. Then I decided I’m not going to hide the device. I will place it where it’s comfortable which is usually on my arm. What a better way to bring awareness to type 1. I can spark a conversation about the rising prices of insulin when someone looks at me and is curious.

I have not always been an outgoing and confident person but I’m choosing to be now. I hope I inspire you to be as well, embrace yourself. It’s ok to be different