Belt It Out 

I am not very musically inclined but I view it as a form of therapy. My intention is to show others it can do the same for them. Personally, if I am in a good mood or bad, it just activates a part of my brain that makes me happy. I’m not sure of the specifics. All I know is that when life gets crazy you need the little things to get by. 

Belting it out in my car might be a simple little thing but I have come to thoroughly enjoy this part of my day. It is part of my alone time, my time to reflect on the day, my time to have a little fun in the middle of the responsibility of being an adult. The moral of the story is, find your alone time, find your passion, find the little things in life that make you want to sing your heart out . Who cares who’s watching, everyone will judge you. The only persons judgment that matters is your own. 

I am confident in my awful singing abilities to help me get through the good and bad days. So role down the windows and turn up the music, in the car and in life.